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Roasted Brussel Sprouts & Scotch Bonnet Romesco Sauce

Scotch Bonnet Romesco Sauce:

Three whole roasted jarred red peppers

6 cloves garlic (or more if you're into your garlic)

One scotch bonnet cut into quarters, seeded or deseeded for less heat (you can also add another one depending on how hot your scotch bonnets are as they tend to vary in heat)

1/3 cup olive oil

4 tablespoon of balsamic vinegar

100g stale bread toasted

4 pimento seeds or 1 teaspoon ground pimento

pinch of sugar

1 teaspoon of sea salt

50g flaked almond or 30g whole almonds


500g Sprouts

2 tablespoon of olive oil

1/2 teaspoon smoked paprika

2 Tablespoon of balsamic vinegar

2 teaspoon of freshly chopped thyme

Sea Salt and Black Pepper to Taste


Pre-heat oven to 200c.


Trim brussel sprouts and cut them in half, placing them into a bowl. Add the Olive Oil, Balsamic Vinegar, Thyme, Smoked Paprika and Salt & Pep and coat the sprouts. Place on a lined baking sheet, and roast in the over for 20-25 minutes until slightly charred.


For the Romesco sauce start by taking 1/3 cup of olive oil and bringing to a low-medium heat. Add pimento seeds, whole garlic cloves and scotch bonnet to the oil, allow to gently infuse for 8-10 minutes, never over heating, gently frying. As this is happening toast your stale bread of choice and cut into small cubes, I used left over sourdough focaccia which worked really well. You can use whatever bread you have around. For the last few minutes of the oil infusing, add the almond flakes/whole almonds to toast a little. Take off the heat and set aside. In a food processor add the red peppers, balsamic vinegar, sea salt, pinch of sugar, cubed toasted stale bread & the olive oil mixture. Blend until into a slightly chunky texture, just before being completely smooth.

Plate us with a spoon of the Romesco sauce and top with the charred sprouts. Garnish with more almond flakes!

Store the remaining sauce in an airtight container and eat for up to 1 week.. It's so delish on so many other dishes.

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